Santiago Sunday

So today we upped the milage, severely, but we stayed on the flats…for which my butt is sincerely thankful. We went to the fruit market, which probably isn’t much different than Hunts Point in the Bronx, except not everyone there is in the trade. There was a covered area geared towards family shopping, that I got a few shots in, and a large mostly commercial area with cranky security that said we couldn’t photograph. After that we went to the General Cemetery, which is huge, with tons of sculpture and crypts etc. It was very interesting,especially the walls where they intern the ashes, that’s what I have posted. We would have stayed longer, it was everything I ever thought a grave yard should be peaceful, elegant, solemn, but not at all depressing, but the temperature went up to 30 C – a bit warm for me. Santiago has a big change between day and night time temps – from 50 F at night to 86 F day time – it’s that desert thing.


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