Finding decent coffee has become ridiculously complicated, which is really a problem for me. Santiago lulled us into a false sense of security, as it was immersed in a coffee culture New Yorkers would recognize….expresso, cappuccino, Starbucks, bad hotel coffee….recognizable caffeine and milk. But then we encountered the ubiquitous Nescafé – in individual serving size packages. A tragedy for me as you can well imagine, at least they have excellent beer here in Chile, which prevents me from killing anyone during my caffeine withdrawal. I was saved at breakfast in Ovalle because there they made their Nescafé with steamed milk, instead of hot water, so I could at least pretend I was drinking real coffee. Now we have arrived in La Serena and rejoined recognizable coffee culture…..but I fear there is more Nescafé in my future (let’s hope it’s with hot milk).

20121114-235347.jpgVictor doing tai chi in the park in Ovalle before the temperature dropped.

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