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Chile going north… Part 2

I know there is more than one kind of desert, but it is still a surprise seeing the variety of dry ecosystems here. In Argentina the landscape changed gradually as you drove, the dry sneaking up on you, from good grazing to what on earth do they eat here. But where we were in Argentina was flat compared to here. The landscape changes from one side of the hill/ mountain to the other – I have no idea how to qualify them the elevation changes are quite large, but they aren’t mountains for here, foothills maybe? The change is due to the amount of water available from the ocean – the mist rolling in takes a whole new significance. We drove through valleys that were lush with agriculture – cut flowers, tomatoes and other fruits I couldn’t id at 100 kilometers an hour and then the next valley nothing. The topography doesn’t change as much as the vegetation and I really wish I could identify more of it. I am posting an incomplete – we couldn’t always stop to get photographs – progression of the changes we drove through. Hopefully on the return trip I can snag a few more.


20121114-110850.jpgStarting to dry out with the lusher vegetation in the arroyos (I believe that’s the correct term). The wild flowers were amazing more about them later.

20121114-111212.jpg Drier still.
To be continued later…..

2 Responses to “Chile going north… Part 2”

  1. Jenny

    interesting, looks backwards, as if High Desert comes after the lush and before desert. Do they call the cacti Saguaros, or something different – looks very similar.


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