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Chile….more dogs

So I promised more dogs and at some point I will ramble on about how differently he strays behave here, but tonight you just get pictures.

20121115-000133.jpgVictor making friends with the little dog at the restaurant in Los Villos, she was the high light of the meal. She was allowed to sneak in and clean the floor and acted quite shy until we walked around the side of the restaurant, then she was our bestest friend….very silly, much like Pest at home. She and the rest of the dogs, who were all tied, were obviously well cared for and treated kindly.

20121115-000720.jpgStray in Ovalle, who knew the right place to hang out. Most of the strays we have seen are big, healthy and absurdly mellow, acting like the perfect house pets. They don’t seem to be at all afraid of people, they sleep right in the way and everyone just walks around them. It’s just bizarre, but really kinda nice in a weird way.
Tomorrow hopefully I will continue posting the going north pictures….

One Response to “Chile….more dogs”

  1. Mary

    Love reading all about Chili dogs while I drink
    my nightly mug of Starbuck’s espresso đŸ™‚


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