Chile….going north…..part 3

I want to say Thanx to everyone taking the time to look at this and all comments and questions are welcome. I hope when I get home to have time to look at your blogs as well. I am trying to get these in the right sequence and after I edit at home I will repost with a better explanation and possibly a map. We traveled north along the coast to Los Villos and then northeast to end up in Ovalle then we went northwest back to the coast at La Serena. Then we had an epic journey into the desert west of
La Serena, but more about that tomorrow.

20121115-211322.jpgThe coast at Los Villos, where Victor met the dog and I got to see a pelican (I am easily amused).

20121115-221248.jpg The coast side of this mountain was covered in fog as we went up…so no pics, but it was relatively lush. This is looking out onto the inland side, check out the snow on the mountain tops in the distance.

20121115-221725.jpg Further along down in the flats approaching the chinchilla preserve it has obviously dried out.

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