Chile…La Serena almost to Ovalle and back the hard way

So we went almost all the way back to Ovalle so we could check out the high desert on the road the guide book suggested for the adventurous, certainly a road only suitable for good drivers. We left one fertile river valley drove 42 odd kilometers and some three hours later we were in another fertile river valley. I wish I could tell you the elevation changes.

20121116-224539.jpgLooking back into the Elqui valley as we started across the mountains.

20121116-224758.jpgIf you look really closely way in the distance you can see a red dirt road that’s where came from….pretty slick….

20121116-225032.jpgThe Hertado river valley, really, really beautiful.

20121116-225233.jpgThe short cut back towards La Serena, a lot flatter than the first desert crossing of the day but just as interesting.

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