Chile….Atacama….elevation 4500 meters

So when I said we went up on Sunday I really meant up. An elevation of 4,500 meters is high enough for you to feel that their is less oxygen. I don’t know if its high enough for altitude sickness, but it can make you light headed and there is a definite shortness of breath.
A view from the top, yes that reddish streak is the road (trucks….real trucks take this road…makes my head spin).

20121119-233820.jpgAnd a little to the right.

20121119-233907.jpgSo I case anyone was wondering the road was somewhat traumatizing and Victor drives really well. He is also absurdly gracious when I start freaking about the edge, the lack of guard rails and and and….the horrifying thought is I’m getting used to it. Now I only really panic when we go around blind turns that are a single lane wide.

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