Puntilla on the way to the cloud forest

So for those of us that have horses or gardens fencing is always an issue….installing it, repairing it, improving it, affording it…. This however is my new favorite fence.

20121124-195210.jpgThere were cactus fences in a lot of places, but this town, Puntilla, had especially nice ones. In fact they seemed to have miles of them. Two examples of baby fences one protecting a house garden…

20121124-195701.jpgThis one protecting some type of crop, nothing was growing yet.

20121124-200137.jpgEventually they get big enough to abandon the original fencing materials.

20121124-200419.jpgThey seem to be equally suitable for horses, goats and burros and just as valuable for keeping livestock out as keeping it in. The closest thing we have at home is when the multiflora rosa permanently takes over the fence line.


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