Chile…..Editing ugh…..

500 images in, filed and tagged….not even halfway through. I am a little frightened. They look so much better on a decent screen, it’s really quite a relief. It’s odd To go from shooting so much to none, bur tomorrow I will hunt the inflatable Xmas decoration…..I have three locations already scouted.
But here is a question from our travels in the desert is it art? A science experiment ? Or a warning?

20121201-002633.jpgAcross the road was a rib cage and skull… propped up (I haven’t gotten to that one in the edit yet). No idea what that one mention either, they
were half way up the road to Laguna Rosa…

This is another shot of the stream that ran down from Laguna Rosa, it’s only about four inches wide here.

20121201-003539.jpgAnd here’s the Pacific Ocean, just because its pretty.

20121201-003902.jpgThis is just south of Los Vilos and I couldn’t believe the flowers. I don’t know what the blue ones were, but they certainly were prolific, and the whole entrance was landscaped in Portulaca, its used as a ground cover here.

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