Editing Chile…..argh……Xmas fights back

Editing is taking forever, 1500 images in the computer and all I want to do is flee. The easiest edit is street art and that will be up tomorrow, then I will agonize over the desert landscapes. In the meantime I offer you the beginning of this year’s Xmas work.

20121217-012536.jpg I was so pleased to find these colors here in NY after traveling in Chile. But really I don’t know why I was so surprised, given the extensive color palate popular in the greater Rosendale/New Paltz “metroplex”.

20121217-013006.jpgTrue holiday cheer in Kingston, NY and more color below.

20121217-013057.jpgWhat I don’t understand is that I go out to stalk the ever popular inflatable Xmas decorations and they are mostly deflated by day. It took me a week to find these. I mean why bother if most of the time they are going to look like colorful garbage bags? I’ve tried photographing them deflated with limited success….. It’s really very annoying, there just aren’t that many days with good light now, the least they could do is blow up their damn dolls, when the sun is out. Mini rant over, thank you for your time….more odd Xmas photos to come, as well as work from Chile, and maybe a few new chairs if I’m lucky.

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