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Havoc Van Owen

The newest addition…..


I can’t take credit for the photos, I remain all but incapable of taking good photos of my own animals. I should probably give that to myself as a homework assignment. The photographer wishes to remain anonymous, lest her gift for dog photography be discovered.


He is a rescue of unknown parentage, full of energy, determined to be cute enough to make housebreaking a tolerable process. The orange cat (Trouble) is still bigger than him but not for long. Squeek is surviving, though she occasionally questions our sanity.


She mostly seems to enjoy him


All kudos to perfect pet rescue, thanks for the new friend.

3 Responses to “Havoc Van Owen”

  1. taylorr1991

    so adorable! Judging by his paws, i would say he’s probably going to outgrow the cat pretty quickly and he is going to be a big boy! Good luck with all of his training and housebreaking, enjoy him 🙂

    • cheech513

      Thanks for the good wishes, I agree he’ll out grow the cat quickly. It’s amusing at the moment because the cat keeps trying to lure him away on their last walk of the night. We can’t decide if he is trying to get rid of the puppy or just gain a cohort in crime.


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