Signs of Spring

Some early signs of spring in Ulster county, New York…… the Blackbirds are back – Starlings mostly, but they are defiantly moving in big flocks…..the Willow branches are turning yellow…..there are buckets on the Maples…..there have been Red Maple flowers on the driveway….I only have photos of the orchards, but the branches changing color as the sap runs is always my best hope that winter is almost over…..

We mostly have apples up here, but these are so much redder and earlier than the rest of the trees that they might be something else, possibly cherries. It’s hard to id plants without leaves, fruit or flowers.

Another version… I continue to try and photograph the orchards with far more failures than successes….irritating beyond belief. I understand the problem….the impossibility of separating out the individual parts….I need grad students with backdrops, beautiful studio portraits of individual apple trees, I can see it all in my head. If I could paint it I would, but then the absurdity and the irony would be lost. So I will continue to try to isolate elements by other means…..

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