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Orchards and Empty Houses

Sunday was a rare sunny day, so I went to have another go at orchard photography….yeah well. I am hoping that if I go back just as the trees start to leaf out the image will be there. It wasn’t a complete loss, though I went up and down the road so many times that people must have thought I was lost or casing a house for a future robbery. This is one of the three empty houses I photographed instead of the orchards, nothing much came of the other two.

There are so many empty houses around here in varying states of decay and disuse that I’ve become rather fascinated with them.

This one is just up the road from me and you can still see the nick knacks in the window, but I haven’t seen any signs of habitation for a couple of years.

3 Responses to “Orchards and Empty Houses”

  1. Peg Conner

    Very much love the door on the top photo

    I could live there 🙂


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