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Spring trees

The flowering trees have been fantastic this year, both abundant and long lasting. The weather seems to have combined the right amount of moisture and temperatures to keep the flowers on the trees, no sharp hard frosts, no sudden heat waves. In fact we had a rather glorious stretch of spring weather, though now we seem stuck in the proverbial spring rains.

Some trees just take your breath away, you catch this one out of the corner of your eye as you drive past a turn onto a shady lane. I think it’s a Magnolia kobus, because its too big to be a Magnolia stellata, it’s at least 35′ tall (the tarmac in front of it is a driveway not a foot path) and the star magnolias really don’t want to be that big. I wish the photo did it more justice, but like many of the trees I tried to photograph this spring it was hard to get enough distance.

I have trouble with the varieties of cherries, so I won’t hazard a guess, but you would think a tree this pretty would deserve a more attractive location.

This is what people hope to get when they buy a weeping cherry, they won’t. I have no idea how old this tree is but I don’t think those trees people buy for 69 dollars at Lowe’s will ever get this big. I thought it was a weeping willow until I drove buy it it bloom, I bet it’s 40 or 50 years old.

Cornus Florida our native dogwood, I like them best as understory trees in the forest all scraggly and elegant with brilliant white flowers before everything else leafs out. It doesn’t hurt that they turn beautiful colors in the fall either.
Ornamental trees are going to be an on going project, they are very difficult. It is way to easy to make postcards instead of portraits.

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