During the recent heat wave it was easy to forget why I like living in the Hudson Valley, but we’ve had three days now of perfect summer weather and I remember why I love it here. I must also admit my little corner of the Hudson Valley is very eclectic, raising the amusement value considerably. I offer a brief tour of unusual local visuals, instead of the better known scenic views, to prove the point.

20130804-161750.jpgRosendale, NY

20130804-161855.jpgTilson, NY

20130804-161955.jpgEggsnest Restaurant, High Falls, NY
It’s positively covered in fake flowers.

20130804-162200.jpgNew Paltz, NY
It’s always nice to see horses with manners.

I hope this brief sample shows that my neighborhood has a sense of humor to go with its lovely countryside. All of the landscapes that I have posted recently have been taken close to home, which will give you a rough idea of how pretty it is. However, none of them show the iconic views this area is justly famous for (the Gunks, the Catskills, the Mohonk preserve, the Hudson River, etc….) all of which are worth a look. But I must admit that I leave the classic landscapes to those with better equipment and more patience than me.

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