More Zombies

Just a few more shots. The special effects really deserve close ups, maybe next year…..

I actually prefer this version, it’s a little more elegant than the previous one and the composition is tighter/better balanced.

She hulued the entire parade….fit I mean seriously fit…..the best part of her costume were her white contacts….too cool.

These guys had the best body language, they had that zombie shamble perfected.

The spike in her head was just brilliant and the kid’s make up was nicely understated. The small touches really made it work – the bit of blood on her collar, the dirt on her sleeve, the leaves on the mom’s shirt. It took you a minute to realize there was something off about the way they looked. And seriously how cool is it to have your mom take you to Zombie Fest and do such awesome make up.

That was an embarrassing number of typos. Argh. Hopefully I caught them all.

Coming soon – iding frogs, a brief primer…….

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