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Empty buildings……flags…….

I drive by this ex-ice cream stand all the time and I’ve tried to photograph it before (unsuccessfully) good light and autumn leaves make a huge difference.

This is another site I drive by regularly, but I can’t remember why I stopped that particular day.

This garage amazes me, in addition to the elegant color scheme it boasted lovely plants in these pots all summer long. I never managed to get there on a Sunday during the growing season, maybe next year.

I have been seeing flags every where this summer, as can be seen above and below. I don’t know if there’s more of them or I’m just finally noticing them.

Rosendale above and High Falls below.

This one is somewhere on 9W and covers a bunch of my bases….flags, chairs and Halloween.

The first and the third image are both in New Paltz on 299, the second is on 9W near Highland.

2 Responses to “Empty buildings……flags…….”

  1. vico

    The spirits of ice creams past haunt that stand; always melting but never liquid. When the afternoon sun makes its way thru the grime on the windows and the still, heavy air starts to warm you can hear them scream.


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