Last Look at Autumn

Every year I take a stab at photographing autumn foliage with limited success. This fall was particularly interesting, not for the photographs, but for the succession of color change. Normally we have a hard freeze or two that gets the maples really going are the reds and oranges rip through the woods. The cold snap also drops the leaves on a lot of our trees, typically trees like Catalpas go a sickly yellow and fall right off, the Beeches go paper brown, the Birch and Ginkgoes go yellow and drop quickly. This year we got a couple of cold nights, but no hard freeze just a long steady period of cool leading to a very yellow autumn.

This is the view from my office window which most falls is bland at best, this year I had these lovely yellows for well over a month.

For quite a while the only strong red was the Sumacs.

The Maples starting to consider turning.

A stand of Beech showing a nice yellow instead of the bland brown we usually get. Two days after I took this we had a hard frost and they lost all their color. But we had had at least a month of these subtle yellows that I really enjoyed though I think a lot of people were disappointed until the Maples exploded.


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