Snow, more snow and yet again more snow…..

This is what we had after the first snow this year, we skated NYC got slammed.

20140213-233110.jpgMy favorite allee on rt. 32.

The second storm, boredom really starting to set in.

20140213-234049.jpgMy garden.

Really bored.

20140213-234721.jpgMy porch.

This is Trouble in the first half of this storm.

My garden agian, roughly four of the eight inches we got today, at least it’s over 25 degrees.

What I’m waiting for.

20140213-235237.jpgMy favorite allee on rt. 32 in summer.

Even if I’m complaining I will take the snow and cold over the flooding in England or the drought in California.

Maybe more soon…….

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