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Pictures of Lilian

As self appointed aunt I’ve been chronicling Lil over the last two years. I mostly try to photograph kids unobtrusively, but I have a few of Lil staring into the lens that I’m very fond of. It’s a tricky thing to get that direct look without it becoming posed.




I am particularly pleased with this one, in it I think you can see a foreshadowing of the woman she will become.

3 Responses to “Pictures of Lilian”

  1. Karin

    So wild to look at these pictures and see Lil growing up. She’s a funny little creature and your photos always capture an expression I wouldn’t expect to see. Chris and I are holding onto that last picture for when Lil publishes her memoirs. We seriously love it! It’s now the home screen pic on Chris’s phone.

  2. Deanna Prisco

    These pictures of LiL are so professionally looking. Love to see those that are not posed. Beautiful little girl who is growing so fast.


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