Chile – redux 3

We went east out of La Serena, a city I really liked, towards Vicuna and the south to Hurtado and Monumento Natural Pichasca. it started with paved roads, they’re on the map and everything…..


This is the road from Vicuna to Hurtado, it was beautiful…it was long.

There was pavement from Hurtado to Samo Alto and then we took a “short” cut


My short cuts are often beautiful, but rarely faster….I have no idea why Victor listens to me, except that I always retain control of the map and he likes adventures.


This is from our atempt to reach R. N. Pinguino de Humboldt, an island with penguins etc….that was a bust, too windy, off season, and the tour guides’ complete horror at the idea of my wheelchair in their boats. Ah well, people were so much more adventurous in Vietnam. The drive was really interesting, but the lighting conditions were very difficult, low hanging fog, so not a great day for shooting.


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