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A million years ago I went to Parsons School of Design in NYC, got myself a BFA in photography and like so many others promptly went in another direction. I have recently taken up photography again. I have several on going projects in addition to documenting our travels. Much of my work is taken while I am out and about in my truck, if your are wondering about the sometimes odd p.o.v. Being wheelchair bound puts odd constraints on distance and framing, but I am learning to work around it. I am not as fast or discreet as I once was and do far more cropping than I would like, having been raised in the full frame, shoot from the hip, Leica mind set…. I have become less of a purist in this digital age, though I mostly keep my post cameras adjustments to exposure,contrast and color correction. I will admit the luxury of being able to change images to black and white or drastically changing the color after taking them is very satisfying and sometimes just the thing. I don’t object to photo shop as much as it doesn’t particularly interest me. I like the constraints of photography, even as arbitrarily as I’ve set them, it’s a bit like writing haiku instead of free verse. Feedback and comments are more than welcome.
Thanx for looking.


On the way to Dien Bien Phu, Viet Nam, the scenic way.

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