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Kingston NY……Street Art……O+ Festival

Kingston’s O+ (positive) festival had beautiful weather, a great farmers market and probably a lot of good music. I go for the street art.

20131017-144753.jpgIn case it is not apparent in the photo the left side of the paste up is the Women of Willendorf, aka the Paleolithic Venus figurine we all should have seen in art history 101. I don’t know who the sunbather on the right is.

The mural is huge, with a multi breasted Aphrodite sculpture rising up out of a gorge….it’s complicated, lots of symbolism, etc.

This one is a brilliant bit of color, other than that I’m clueless, but it’s fun.

Sorry that I don’t have the artists’ name, but you can link to the web page O+. I took some photos last year, I’ll go back and see if any are worth posting.

Chile…..street art

Editing continues….slowly. I hope by next week to have a proper page of street art posted. Here are two examples from my quick edit that I am fond of. They were taken in Huesco (I hope I have the spelling right) which is a town on the coast, west of Vallenar, half way between La Serena and Copiapo.

20121206-132739.jpgAround the corner there was an NWA stencil, which made me wonder if it was the same NWA, or if I was dating myself or just showing my absolute lack of knowledge about music.
This was only a few doors down.

20121206-133229.jpgI am often amazed by how advertising, especially iconic typography becomes street art.
Street art, wall painting, advertising, graffiti, how ever one refers to it, it always makes me wonder who is choosing to leave it up and why. Chile seems to be incredibly tolerant of it, perhaps even to embrace it. I know I have certainly enjoyed it.

Santiago street art

Santiago has serious street art. I really hope someone is documenting it seriously. I am just posting two images for the moment (hopefully more after I get home and edit them properly).


20121112-000115.jpgIt runs the whole gamete from fun,but cliche to really good.