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Chile – redux 4


Today I offer some critters….Chile-454

Working dogs on rt. 5 going north from La Serena towards Copiapo.


Donkeys grazing on the way up to a high pass. This is from a long series the rest of which I published back on November 18 2012, while we were traveling.


A bit of greener on the way back down. it’s impossible to tell here but those are not small grasses.


Bonus critters from rt.5, you have to love working dogs.


as promised…..

Havoc and friends…..I wish I’d taken this, ah well, at least he had fun. 

Havoc offers a number of set poses, variations on staring into the distance looking handsome and gazing into the lens looking hopeful. I’ve been trying expand his range and mine.

Gazing off into the distance, hopefully improved by the lighting.

Yet another profile, this one balanced by shadows and patterns.

Textures, no gazing.
The challenge in photographing dogs and children, is in taking pictures that would interest someone who doesn’t know the subject. I’m always asking how to make it something more than cute, what sets it apart from all the other portraits I’ve taken of dogs… ..sometimes it works, sometimes not so much… long as I look and learn….. I hope Havoc bears with me.

Kingston Dogs (part one)

I’ve been photographing dogs at the Kingston Farmers Market off and on all summer. It’s been a lot of fun, though the timing was much trickier than I thought…..people walking through the frame, dogs wandering off, the usual…and the endless frustration of beautiful black dogs loosing all depth in flat light and let’s not discuss the lighting problems of curly coated dogs.

A slightly different version of an image I posted earlier this summer.

This French Bulldog bossed the hell out of his two Boxer companions.

One way to advertise.

Only the little girl and I were paying any attention to these two.

More small dogs making friends.

The nice thing about photographing dogs is the owners always seem to be pleased and proud, unlike the parents of small children who are often suspicious and concerned (which I understand, but find depressing).

Hopefully I’m back to posting on a regular(ish) basis, I certainly took enough pictures this summer.


I rarely take photos that I like of my horses, in part because they are both 30ish now and showing their age. But I like these…..

Cap pretending he lives in Argentina.

Snake and Cap, this is in early spring and you can see the remains of their winter coats. They seem to take forever to shed out at this age.

Cap strolling and Sara hiding in the shade, she’s 30ish as well.

Havoc in early spring attempting to look mature while soaking up the late day sun.

Trouble on a hot, humid afternoon.

Squeek and Havoc, too hot to move…’s really summer now.

Sheep trials at Caora Farm

The sheep trials were at a new farm this year and it was a lovely set up from a spectators point of view. I hope it was as pleasant for competitors. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked, maybe next year I will be more organized.

Scoping out the competition.

A shy puppy making friends.

Waiting their turn.

New project……

I took this at the Farmers market in Kingston, NY. I’ve been wanting to do a series of dog portraits, so I now find myself stalking people at farmers markets. We’ll see how it goes, out of a dozen dogs this was the only one that really gelled. Ah well I’ve got all summer.

This kid was having the best time at the market. I wish I’d got his name.

Chairs and Havoc…..and a bit of Trouble

The chair series continues…..

Main st. Rosendale, NY

New Paltz, NY
I keep photographing this house, hoping to get a shot that truly does justice to its color. I’m getting closer, but I’m not there yet.

So, I know Havoc has grown a lot, that is what puppies do, but I thought these two shots really show both his absurdity and his change in size.

Havoc and Mary on one of his first dog park outings.

Havoc trying to convince Jen that he fits in her lap, early this spring.