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Chile – redux 4


Today I offer some critters….Chile-454

Working dogs on rt. 5 going north from La Serena towards Copiapo.


Donkeys grazing on the way up to a high pass. This is from a long series the rest of which I published back on November 18 2012, while we were traveling.


A bit of greener on the way back down. it’s impossible to tell here but those are not small grasses.


Bonus critters from rt.5, you have to love working dogs.

Cliche, but…..

I know the world doesn’t really need more rainbow pictures, but I couldn’t resist. This one actually spanned the entire sky, so that you could see each end touch the horizon. I’d never seen that before, usually one end just fades away.

Cameo Hills Farm, Montgomery, NY.

This is a standardbred farm that has bred and raised some amazing horses, including Deweycheatumnhowe.


I rarely take photos that I like of my horses, in part because they are both 30ish now and showing their age. But I like these…..

Cap pretending he lives in Argentina.

Snake and Cap, this is in early spring and you can see the remains of their winter coats. They seem to take forever to shed out at this age.

Cap strolling and Sara hiding in the shade, she’s 30ish as well.

Havoc in early spring attempting to look mature while soaking up the late day sun.

Trouble on a hot, humid afternoon.

Squeek and Havoc, too hot to move…’s really summer now.

Hudson Valley Draft Horse Association

The HVDHA had their spring plow at Saunderskill Farm Market in Accord, NY last weekend (May 3) and a good time was had by all. It was a very interesting photo op. Draft horses are so amazingly mellow, their ability to just stand around is awe inspiring.

Dark horses are tricky to photograph, like black dogs you lose so much detail. But these guys were so fun.

This team was lovely, I didn’t really understand their harnessing, but they worked together really nicely. I could have photographed them all day. The Belgium coloring doesn’t hurt either.

A different team of Belgiums that also knew their job.

Two teams working hard.

The same teams showing their patience, if there is one thing all horse people have in common is an ability to talk about horses, endlessly (I can say this because I do it too).

It’s tricky to get the timing right when photographing horses, catching the right expression and composition, let alone getting the humans to cooperate, but it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I will post more people oriented photos. Photo tip for photographing livestock (horses, cattle….) shoot from waist height, camera lens roughly level with the bottom of the animals belly, it prevents the foreshortening that makes the animals proportions seem so odd.