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New project……

I took this at the Farmers market in Kingston, NY. I’ve been wanting to do a series of dog portraits, so I now find myself stalking people at farmers markets. We’ll see how it goes, out of a dozen dogs this was the only one that really gelled. Ah well I’ve got all summer.

This kid was having the best time at the market. I wish I’d got his name.


First of the garden pictures (for this growing season).

Phoebe admiring the pansies.

This is a new combination for me, Lupins and a annual salvia named ‘Black and Blue’. I’ll move the lupin in to the garden (out of the pot) when it’s done blooming and replace it with a red caladium. The hummingbirds like the salvia enough to drink from it while I am sitting right next to it, made my day.


Foam flowers in bloom.

Passion flower, one of my favorite scents.

My lion before he’s covered in plants.

Pictures of Lilian

As self appointed aunt I’ve been chronicling Lil over the last two years. I mostly try to photograph kids unobtrusively, but I have a few of Lil staring into the lens that I’m very fond of. It’s a tricky thing to get that direct look without it becoming posed.




I am particularly pleased with this one, in it I think you can see a foreshadowing of the woman she will become.