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KSA – part 8

this is one of my favorite murals in Kingston…..street art kngst-128

the artist is Lady Pink for the 2016 O+ festival.

street art kngst-134

the mural runs the length of a grocery store on Broadway.

street art kngst-132

these shots don’t really do justice to how vibrant the mural is.

street art kngst-154

this is opposite the parking lot from Lady Pink’s mural, I think it’s sponsored by the restaurant not the festival.

and this is hiding at the back of the lot……

street art kngst-144

I saw glimpses of a few other pieces in this style, but I haven’t figured out how to access them.


Street Art – Kingston part 3

These three are all in the Stockade district in Kingston, NY in the vicinity of Wall st. and John st.

street art kny-016

Artists – Geddes Paulsen and Raudiel Sanudo, 2011.

street art kny-034

John st.

street art kny-024

parking lot on John st.

These two are new this year,

Most, if not all, of the street art I have photographed in Kingston has been done in association with the O+ festivals. They now have a super cool interactive map, It not only shows the locations, but provides artist information. unfortunately they haven’t added this years art. You can check out what they have up here.

When Have time I will go back and update my earlier posts.