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Chile – redux 5

These were taken in the high desert north east of Copiapo


ThisĀ is the road we took….



A little further up, you can see the plants growing where the dew collects.



Our destination a salt flat (elevation of 4500 meters) on the way to the Argentine border.


On the way back down. It would be amazing to go back with a large format camera and more time.

Chile – redux 4


Today I offer some critters….Chile-454

Working dogs on rt. 5 going north from La Serena towards Copiapo.


Donkeys grazing on the way up to a high pass. This is from a long series the rest of which I published back on November 18 2012, while we were traveling.


A bit of greener on the way back down. it’s impossible to tell here but those are not small grasses.


Bonus critters from rt.5, you have to love working dogs.

Chile – redux 3

We went east out of La Serena, a city I really liked, towards Vicuna and the south to Hurtado and Monumento Natural Pichasca. it started with paved roads, they’re on the map and everything…..


This is the road from Vicuna to Hurtado, it was beautiful…it was long.

There was pavement from Hurtado to Samo Alto and then we took a “short” cut


My short cuts are often beautiful, but rarely faster….I have no idea why Victor listens to me, except that I always retain control of the map and he likes adventures.


This is from our atempt to reach R. N. Pinguino de Humboldt, an island with penguins etc….that was a bust, too windy, off season, and the tour guides’ complete horror at the idea of my wheelchair in their boats. Ah well, people were so much more adventurous in Vietnam. The drive was really interesting, but the lighting conditions were very difficult, low hanging fog, so not a great day for shooting.


Chile – redux cont.

So here’s another from Santiago.Chile-1445

These guys were trying to get a better view of a Red Bull promo event, cars of some sort – loud fast, we never got to see them.


I posted this yesterday but some formats didn’t show it, so here it is again.

Eventually I’ll get all my formats to match….argh.

Chile – redux

So I’ve been AWOL for awhile, but I have a ton of stuff to post – old and new. I thought I would start with a new edit of my photos from Chile.Chile-1288Chile-1398

These were all shot in Santiago.

More to come……..tomorrow…..I hope

Two more from Chile

These are a couple of things from Chile that I am fond of but never posted.

My fascination with shades of orange shows again. The one below has a bit of a silly story. My travel addled brain decided that the shapes in the door was an amusing bit of art work, a little tongue in cheek image of umbrellas painted on the door. Yeah well, I get home blow it up on the big monitor and they are just umbrellas. Oh well, I still like the image I just wonder about my brain.

Maybe I’ll just tell everyone else that it’s art.

A few more from the desert

I was obsessed with how plants struggled to survive in this climate, from the golden tinges of dormant grasses to brilliant greens of sturdy trees. I can’t even imagine how deep their tap roots must go.


Pink flowers growing by the road show where moisture gathers.

This is an almost vertical face with a few tufts of grass struggling in the scree.


Plants follow the path of the spring run off.


Color from Pichasca

Yet another place where I had wished for the luxury of time, so as to have a choice in lighting, ah well necessity. Pichasca is one of these towns that appears from around a sharp turn, clinging to the side of the mountain. Built where the mountainside briefly softened into something less than completely vertical, it was far enough up from the river not to flood, but not to far to irrigate or easily reach the fields on the valley floor. Though, valley is not really an accurate term, as that brings to mind more sweeping, pastoral landscapes than We travel though, but gorge would be too extreme. It is something betwixt and between, neither gentle nor unrelenting, but obviously a difficult environment to carve a living out of. This town seemed to be one of the more prosperous that we passed on this road, and it was certainly the most colorful.



20130209-150627.jpg I was amused by the stickers on the pole, street art everywhere.


If you ever wonder why they might want so much color on their buildings, the landscape behind this one should explain everything. This was taken in November, late spring early summer for them, gardens in full bloom, probably as green as it gets.