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Birds of Prey….part three (long delayed)

This is the second attempt at photographing this particular wildlife rehabilitator. They were at the Rosendale Farmers Market, which made moving around the birds much easier. I was interested in the interaction between the birds and their caretakers. 

After answering questions all morning Annie lost her voice, the owl didn’t seem to mind though he was very interested in her hot drink. It’s a Great Horned Owl.
I could photograph Screech Owls all day long.
 This is a Barred Owl. I think they should be named Bard Owls instead, but no one asked me. I believe the hawk in the background is a Sharp-shinned Hawk, but it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong and it’s something else altogether.

Screech Owls again. 

The Barred Owl doing meet and greets somewhat shyly.


Birds of Prey…..part 2

This is Xena, a Eurasian Eagle-Owl. 

These owls are wide spread in Europe and Asia and are categorized as ‘least concern’ in terms of conservation. These are really big owls, weighing as much as 10 lbs with wing spans up to 6 feet. Like hawks the female is the larger of the sexes. This particular owl was raised to be a wildlife educator/ambassador.

This photo lets you see how big she is. In case you’re wondering I haven’t made any adjustments to her eye color. The bright orange is a characteristic of the species.

In my second attempt at photographing birds on display I was trying to get something a little more interesting than ‘oh cool look it’s an owl’. I wanted to try and show a bit of the handler/owl interaction. I would have really liked to get some spectator reaction, interaction as well, but that didn’t happen. I was very pleased with the two shots above.

This is one of those almost, but not quite shots. The idea is good, shopping with your owl, do they sell mice as well as pork? But the composition just didn’t quite come together, but it’s an amusing moment and the Karl family sell outstanding meat.
I took these at the Rosendale Farmers Market in Rosendale, New York. Which is a lovely little market, that meets behind the movie theater, on Sundays in the summer.


It’s been ages so I offer you a study in blue

Last time I tried this it was an epic fail…..but the app seems to be working again….

So a study in blue take two.



These are the Parrots for Peace at the Kingston Farmers Market.
A view from behind.
The parrots were very polite and amazingly careful with their claws. I quite enjoyed their company. This photo was taken by the parrots owner. I never caught her name.
Another view from behind. I was fascinated by their tails.

And one from the front.