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Xmas……Chairs and Inflatables

This is the first of my Xmas posts. I really like this first shot because it combines some of my favorite things – empty chairs, tacky Xmas decorations and the color orange. I was also irrationally irritated that I couldn’t pivot the building 180 degrees to give it a south western exposure.

Orange Lake, NY rt. 52.
I might have to do a whole series of motel chairs/doors……it’s probably been done, but….

And now the inflatables begin…..

PC Santa, Wallkill, NY.

Gift Shop, rt. 52, Walden NY.

I hope this will be just the beginning of my Xmas posts, but the weather is not cooperating…, snow, wheelchairs…..really very unpleasant. However the sun is out, maybe there will be melting.

No Fish….just chairs

I continue to struggle with fish photography…..stupid and annoying. I would say it’s a steep learning curve, except that I think that implies that at some point I will improve quickly (I think fish photos are always going to be mostly luck, but we’ll see I have a few more theories).

So instead I offer three new chair portraits, actually two chairs and a bench, it’s amazing what you see on the side of the road.

20130912-162936.jpgRoute 208, Gardner, NY.

20130912-163347.jpgRoute 208, Wallkill, NY.

20130912-163453.jpgKingston, NY.

More empty chairs…….well they’re sofas……same idea though…..

I have been remiss in posting of late, not for any particular reason, other than disorganization. Consequently, I have a bunch of new work to post, so expect regular updates for a bit.
I’m starting with something short, two sofa photos that I’m really very fond of.

Rosendale, ‘Free to a Good Home’

9W, ‘Somewhere south of Kingston’
No I didn’t set them up or arrange them, they are as found……no photo shop, just exposure adjustment and some cropping….but, I agree they do look staged.

Spring chairs

The first ornamental trees to bloom around here are the star magnolias, they come out with the daffodils usually. I think that the witch hazel and the red maples actually bloom before the magnolias, but they are a lot harder to spot driving around. Spring also brings out the chairs, both for lounging and disposing. So I offer three new chair photographs, though two are actually sofas.

High Falls, NY.

Walden, NY.

New Paltz, NY.


I revisited the site of the photo below, I took it last year on a clear bright day with the sun fairly high in the sky. I really was quite pleased with it, but….


I hadn’t gone to reshoot it. I was just running an errand. The light was really beautiful.


Another version, not really a reshoot as much as a continuation .


Then I started thinking about the original and late winter/day shadows/light, better framing…..


I reshoot things a lot, but usually it is because I am displeased with the initial effort or I am working through a problem/idea and rarely after so much time has passed. This process was a little different, unplanned opportunity leading to a considered reshooting of an image I liked. I am pleased with the results, so it’s worth remembering to go back on occasion to see what’s changed.


It’s been awhile, but I have finally made progress on editing the work from Chile. I have also been going through the last eighteen months worth of work to try and pull together 20 images from two “stories” to submit for a portfolio review. It’s fascinating to see the odd trends that show up in one’s own work…….it’s amazing how many times one takes the same picture, sometimes it’s the composition that repeats, sometimes the subject, often for me it’s a color that I take a shine to, there seems to be an ongoing orange theme these days…..sometimes overt as below, and sometimes just the cast of the light (that late day glow that improves even the most banal portraits).

I had forgotten that I had even taken this photo in Chile, something about orange and institutional green just amuses the hell out of me, though I’ve probably dated myself by considering this an institutional color, 1970’s swimming pools and high school hallways…ick…. I might need to bleach my brain now.

One from my chair series, shot just down the road from home.

More orange. Even though it was late in the day, the sun low in the sky the light stayed cool in comparison to the same ‘time of day’ in the summer….as seen below in Chile.

Next will be pictures from the desert, and maybe sometime soon I’ll post some blue photos or maybe corners, come to think of it I think I can do blue corners……argh.