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Laguna Santa Rosa

These start at the saline lake, approximate elevation 4,000 meters, and follow the flow of moisture down the mountains. In some places it’s a 4 inch rivulet with a narrow green border that you could jump across with ease, other places it widens up enough to graze livestock, and in others you can only trace it by the plants that survive in its aftermath.








Shades of grey

I was completely smitten with these shades of grey, especially in a landscape where I expected only a pallet of warm tones, endless variations of reds and yellows and browns. These are just a few of the variations of grey.





They are all variations on a theme, but I find that I can’t chose a favorite. Unfortunately for a final edit I will have to chose, I am open to suggestions if anyone would like to venture an opinion.

Chile….the edit begins

Finally, I have waded through all the photos I shot in Chile…almost 1500 images. They seem to be sorting themselves out into general categories, but not a smooth narrative, but then I’m not sure the trip had a narrative, just vignettes. The landscapes are the strongest images, particularly the ones from around Copiapo, so I will start there. Feel free to offer opinions, pick favorites or anti-favorites, if you prefer. I am going to split this group into three or four posts to keep it reasonable.

This is looking back into Chile on the way to the security check for the border crossing into Argentina. The 12th stage of the Dakar Rally 2013 ran near here, it blows my mind that we drove through the same landscape as the rally, my Dad would have been so proud. This was also the highest point we photographed from – roughly 4,500 meters – we didn’t go too much higher.

There are nice photos of the Dakar Rally available at The Atlantic

This is the saline lake near the security check, the rally should have blown by this as well.


I knew sand didn’t come in just one color, but I didn’t really get it until this trip. Also, who knew those swirly sand art things were based on a natural phenomena.


Here you can see how the underlying rock determines the color.


I never knew sand came in lavender.

Next post….shades of grey…..