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Empty buildings……flags…….

I drive by this ex-ice cream stand all the time and I’ve tried to photograph it before (unsuccessfully) good light and autumn leaves make a huge difference.

This is another site I drive by regularly, but I can’t remember why I stopped that particular day.

This garage amazes me, in addition to the elegant color scheme it boasted lovely plants in these pots all summer long. I never managed to get there on a Sunday during the growing season, maybe next year.

I have been seeing flags every where this summer, as can be seen above and below. I don’t know if there’s more of them or I’m just finally noticing them.

Rosendale above and High Falls below.

This one is somewhere on 9W and covers a bunch of my bases….flags, chairs and Halloween.

The first and the third image are both in New Paltz on 299, the second is on 9W near Highland.