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Birds of Prey….part three (long delayed)

This is the second attempt at photographing this particular wildlife rehabilitator. They were at the Rosendale Farmers Market, which made moving around the birds much easier. I was interested in the interaction between the birds and their caretakers. 

After answering questions all morning Annie lost her voice, the owl didn’t seem to mind though he was very interested in her hot drink. It’s a Great Horned Owl.
I could photograph Screech Owls all day long.
 This is a Barred Owl. I think they should be named Bard Owls instead, but no one asked me. I believe the hawk in the background is a Sharp-shinned Hawk, but it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong and it’s something else altogether.

Screech Owls again. 

The Barred Owl doing meet and greets somewhat shyly.


Kingston Dogs (part one)

I’ve been photographing dogs at the Kingston Farmers Market off and on all summer. It’s been a lot of fun, though the timing was much trickier than I thought…..people walking through the frame, dogs wandering off, the usual…and the endless frustration of beautiful black dogs loosing all depth in flat light and let’s not discuss the lighting problems of curly coated dogs.

A slightly different version of an image I posted earlier this summer.

This French Bulldog bossed the hell out of his two Boxer companions.

One way to advertise.

Only the little girl and I were paying any attention to these two.

More small dogs making friends.

The nice thing about photographing dogs is the owners always seem to be pleased and proud, unlike the parents of small children who are often suspicious and concerned (which I understand, but find depressing).

Hopefully I’m back to posting on a regular(ish) basis, I certainly took enough pictures this summer.

New project……

I took this at the Farmers market in Kingston, NY. I’ve been wanting to do a series of dog portraits, so I now find myself stalking people at farmers markets. We’ll see how it goes, out of a dozen dogs this was the only one that really gelled. Ah well I’ve got all summer.

This kid was having the best time at the market. I wish I’d got his name.