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as promised…..

Havoc and friends…..I wish I’d taken this, ah well, at least he had fun. 

Havoc offers a number of set poses, variations on staring into the distance looking handsome and gazing into the lens looking hopeful. I’ve been trying expand his range and mine.

Gazing off into the distance, hopefully improved by the lighting.

Yet another profile, this one balanced by shadows and patterns.

Textures, no gazing.
The challenge in photographing dogs and children, is in taking pictures that would interest someone who doesn’t know the subject. I’m always asking how to make it something more than cute, what sets it apart from all the other portraits I’ve taken of dogs… ..sometimes it works, sometimes not so much… long as I look and learn….. I hope Havoc bears with me.


I rarely take photos that I like of my horses, in part because they are both 30ish now and showing their age. But I like these…..

Cap pretending he lives in Argentina.

Snake and Cap, this is in early spring and you can see the remains of their winter coats. They seem to take forever to shed out at this age.

Cap strolling and Sara hiding in the shade, she’s 30ish as well.

Havoc in early spring attempting to look mature while soaking up the late day sun.

Trouble on a hot, humid afternoon.

Squeek and Havoc, too hot to move…’s really summer now.

Chairs and Havoc…..and a bit of Trouble

The chair series continues…..

Main st. Rosendale, NY

New Paltz, NY
I keep photographing this house, hoping to get a shot that truly does justice to its color. I’m getting closer, but I’m not there yet.

So, I know Havoc has grown a lot, that is what puppies do, but I thought these two shots really show both his absurdity and his change in size.

Havoc and Mary on one of his first dog park outings.

Havoc trying to convince Jen that he fits in her lap, early this spring.


Again and again…..

Yesterday they threatened us with 5 inches of snow and we barely got 2 inches. Today we were promised rain and this is what we got

The snow covered mounds in the lower left are my ancient (30 and 29 years old respectively) thoroughbreds.

I have been using the few bits on sun I get in my house (when it’s not snowing) to work on my pet portraits.

Trouble, I can’t believe he’s almost two.

Havoc, he is just over a year old now.

Squeek, we don’t discuss her age, note the grey eyebrows.

My house gets hardly any direct sun, it’s on the north side of a hill and shaded by mature trees…’s wonderful in the summer…..but you starve for vitamin D in the winter. So it’s interesting to try and use the little bit I do get. I’ll have to see what else I can do with it, besides pet portraits.

Havoc and Trouble

Still house bound, though at this point it’s the fault of my truck not the snow. However the result is the same…..very limited subject matter to photograph, basically I’m stuck with the critters…..

“Come on, it’s fun. Trust me.”

20140216-181135.jpg Bird watching.

20140216-181337.jpg “Hey, play with me.”

20140216-181539.jpg “Fine.”

20140216-181959.jpg I find it interesting how the lighting in this image makes it look like I photo shopped it together (I didn’t). It’s the product of two separate unbalanced lighting sources and a bit too much burning and dodging (done for clarity) making the over all lighting look unnatural/fake. Odd, isn’t it?

20140216-182733.jpg The difficulty with photographing one’s own pets is to get images that are not just snap shots. These are more fun than anything else, but fun is good too.

Xmas….Snow…..and Dogs

I love where I live. This is Main st. Rosendale. I love my town.


Except that this is the weather today.


This is what it should be….


The dogs at least know how to have a good time (I am sulking)



Really you just think you’re bigger than me.


And this is what Trouble the cat thinks….

“Ah, a sunbeam I’m good.”

Havoc’s compatriots…..

When we got him they were all the same size, not so much anymore.

20130701-141145.jpgHavoc and Trouble making plans.

20130701-141235.jpgWaiting for Havoc to catch on.

20130701-141321.jpgTrouble shows the event horses how it’s done.

20130701-141515.jpgTrying to explain correct child decorum to Havoc.

20130701-141622.jpgSqueek demonstrates.

20130701-141735.jpgThe pursuit of snacks.

20130701-141844.jpgI could have sworn you had a cookie.

Havoc……an update

So he’s not a puppy any more, more of a lanky adolescent, who ended up bigger and better looking than I expected. So today I offer some comparison shots.


Two versions of trying to fit in someone’s lap.


20130625-133737.jpg‘You used to let me sit in your lap, I know you did.’
The little guy on the right is Louie.


20130625-134019.jpgLost his puppy coat, went up two collar sizes and changed color.

20130625-134202.jpgTrying to follow the example of his elders/betters.

Another Havoc update

Another set of pictures from the anonymous dog photographer.

A pretty epic effort at looking intelligent and below is a misguided attempt at king of the hill.

Dog parks are never going to be my thing, the variety of everything….training attempts, breeds, attitudes, chatter… impressive/overwhelming. But the puppies are cute, it will be awhile before this guy grows into his skin.

End of the morning in the truck.


Havoc Van Owen an update

More pictures, though he’s grown a few inches since I took these.

And again

Trouble and Havoc

Just so no one worries the cat gives as good as he gets and frequently waits outside for Havoc so they can go gallivanting around the property.