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Odds and ends from winter…..trying to start catching up on the backlog of photos

Hopefully closer to tongue-in-cheek than Hallmark, but the line is so thin…

Wallkill, New York.

Port Ewen, New York.

Port Ewen, New York.

Tillson, New York.
Next time……dogs?

Xmas Inflatables part 2

If last year was the year of the basic snow man this year was the year of variety. I saw everything from Angry Bird to Tigger to a Xmas Turkey – who knew?

Port Ewen, NY.

Kingston, NY.

Walden, NY.

Port Ewen, NY.

Port Ewen, NY.

Xmas Inflatables

This was a difficult year for shooting Xmas decorations. There seemed to be fewer yard displays than in past years. I don’t know if it was due to the snow storm disrupting peoples plans or a lack of Christmas cheer. Either way I only got three good shooting days in and one was Xmas day. So the haul is small this year but I am pleased with some. I’ve tried to edit ruthlessly and don’t worry I won’t inflict too many on you in any one post.

I ate Santa.
Port Ewen, NY.

Port Ewen, NY.

Walden, NY.

Port Ewen, NY.

Xmas……Chairs and Inflatables

This is the first of my Xmas posts. I really like this first shot because it combines some of my favorite things – empty chairs, tacky Xmas decorations and the color orange. I was also irrationally irritated that I couldn’t pivot the building 180 degrees to give it a south western exposure.

Orange Lake, NY rt. 52.
I might have to do a whole series of motel chairs/doors……it’s probably been done, but….

And now the inflatables begin…..

PC Santa, Wallkill, NY.

Gift Shop, rt. 52, Walden NY.

I hope this will be just the beginning of my Xmas posts, but the weather is not cooperating…, snow, wheelchairs…..really very unpleasant. However the sun is out, maybe there will be melting.

Last Halloween post

This is the last offering of Halloween decorations for this year, Christmas inflatables will begin soon, maybe there will be Thanksgiving inflatables….you never know.
This one made me sad. I had just missed the light and returned the following day to reshoot and someone had taken it….people suck sometimes.

I really liked these. I just wished the rest of their decorations had lived up to them.

This house never fails to deliver.