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Cliche, but…..

I know the world doesn’t really need more rainbow pictures, but I couldn’t resist. This one actually spanned the entire sky, so that you could see each end touch the horizon. I’d never seen that before, usually one end just fades away.

Cameo Hills Farm, Montgomery, NY.

This is a standardbred farm that has bred and raised some amazing horses, including Deweycheatumnhowe.


Mid summer landscapes, now that it’s fall…..

In past summers this field was cut for hay before it bloomed.


The allee beside the field.

You can just barely see the Gunks behind the trees.

The birds and the insects made good use of this field. Makes you wish we mowed less. All the short green grass looks good, but it doesn’t do much for the ecosystem.

Blue….variations on a theme

You find photos in the oddest places. I took these at my local Agway while I was waiting for them to load my grain.

Variation One

Variation Two

Variation Three

There is nothing like blue skies to make you see every speck of dust on your sensors…….ugh…….

The Green Season

We are well into the green season here in the New York. It’s not as spectacular as Southeast Asia’s green season when the rice gets going, but it’s mine and I like it.

My favorite allee on route 32.

Last year I obsessed about the flowering trees, but the bloom time was so compressed this year (due to our crazy weather) that it blew right past me. So instead I focused on the ocean of ferns that erupt down the road.




I’m sure there are more fern photos in my future…..hope everyone else’s spring is as lush as mine.

Snow scapes….. and Trouble

Finally had a bit of sun the other day, so I had another go at snow photography. My previous attempt on an overcast day was disappointing at best.



This is snow on an overcast day, flat, drab, bland, decidedly not blue, which is the way I prefer my snow. It’s a good thing I was more interested in Trouble than the snow.

If it snows much more this winter I will have to figure out a way to photograph snow on a cloudy.

Snow, more snow and yet again more snow…..

This is what we had after the first snow this year, we skated NYC got slammed.

20140213-233110.jpgMy favorite allee on rt. 32.

The second storm, boredom really starting to set in.

20140213-234049.jpgMy garden.

Really bored.

20140213-234721.jpgMy porch.

This is Trouble in the first half of this storm.

My garden agian, roughly four of the eight inches we got today, at least it’s over 25 degrees.

What I’m waiting for.

20140213-235237.jpgMy favorite allee on rt. 32 in summer.

Even if I’m complaining I will take the snow and cold over the flooding in England or the drought in California.

Maybe more soon…….