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Last Look at Autumn…..part two

The first picture on the previous post was taken on October 18, easily three weeks after the trees had started changing. I really should keep track, even if only to satisfy my own curiosity. The photo below was taken on the 29 when the Maples finally really started to change.

This one was taken on November 2 different tree, different parking lot, but I’m fairly certain they are the same variety.

And yet another red tree in yet another parking lot. I think this may be the tree of choice for parking lots, though ‘October Glory’ gets a lot of use as well.

Having never mastered the traditional foliage shot, I lack both the patience and the proper equipment, I think I might instead document parking lot trees…….

My best guess is that these trees are ‘Autumn Blaze’ an absurdly popular landscaping Maple. What’s a little creepy is they are probably propagated by stem cuttings, which means they are clones, which means that it’s the same tree watching over us in all those parking lots …..a deciduous NSA ( I’ve been listening to too much public radio, I really hope it stops snowing soon).

Winter….I guess I’m going to need a coat

Photographing ice is more difficult than it looks, tiny changes in light make huge differences and it’s never as striking as live. There’s no denying the time of year though….cold, wet, full of crazed holiday things, shortened daylight and a rapidly developing case of stir craziness for both me and the dogs……
However, the angle of the winter sun means more hours of interesting light, long shadows, subtle highlights, no harsh over heads. It’s a joy if you can get the timing right and not freeze.

Walden, NY, mid afternoon. I would have to wait until evening for this in the summer. Even in the middle of the day winter light is often soft/subtle in a way that it rarely is in the summer, it’s just so damn cold sometimes…..

Beware the Christmas inflatables are coming……

Empty buildings……flags…….

I drive by this ex-ice cream stand all the time and I’ve tried to photograph it before (unsuccessfully) good light and autumn leaves make a huge difference.

This is another site I drive by regularly, but I can’t remember why I stopped that particular day.

This garage amazes me, in addition to the elegant color scheme it boasted lovely plants in these pots all summer long. I never managed to get there on a Sunday during the growing season, maybe next year.

I have been seeing flags every where this summer, as can be seen above and below. I don’t know if there’s more of them or I’m just finally noticing them.

Rosendale above and High Falls below.

This one is somewhere on 9W and covers a bunch of my bases….flags, chairs and Halloween.

The first and the third image are both in New Paltz on 299, the second is on 9W near Highland.

Somebody’s OTP

Paste up, near The Big Cheese, Rosendale, NY
Not that it’s my place to judge other people’s OTP’s but depending on Robin’s age this is a bit squicky. But maybe it’s not the artist’s OTP, maybe it’s social commentary, a cynical insight about…..who knows I still like the photo.

Zombie Fest, Rosendale, NY

Rosendale had a Zombie Fest, compleat with parade and kick ass bands, to benefit the Food Pantry. I was blown away by the expertise of some of the make up and really amused by the cross section of people who participated. Who would think zombies could be such a unifying force. The costumes make shooting in bright sun a little problematic, the white/grey flesh gets difficult to read and it’s hard to high light the special effects while the zombies are on the move, portraits will probably be a better way to go next year and picking a better (more interesting) vantage point for the parade. Ah well live and learn.

The music was really fun, lots of drummers and a few horns in the ‘marching/sauntering’ band and later great punk music.

It’s remarkable how quickly kids learn to ‘ham it up’ for the camera.

Men find the oddest excuses to wear dresses.
As one can see a good time was had by all. Hopefully next year with better planning I’ll get more photos.

Fish finally …….and a toad

Finally two fish photos that I am pleased with. Some skill this time, but still mostly luck at least I am starting to understand how the images will turn out. Next I will have to find something to say besides “look, look pretty fish!”


And on a slightly different note our resident toad Bufo americanus, he’s about four inches nose to tail. He hangs out in front of our door at night, eating insects we assume. The cat gives him a pretty wide birth and the dogs are curious but cautious. Photo by Victor



During the recent heat wave it was easy to forget why I like living in the Hudson Valley, but we’ve had three days now of perfect summer weather and I remember why I love it here. I must also admit my little corner of the Hudson Valley is very eclectic, raising the amusement value considerably. I offer a brief tour of unusual local visuals, instead of the better known scenic views, to prove the point.

20130804-161750.jpgRosendale, NY

20130804-161855.jpgTilson, NY

20130804-161955.jpgEggsnest Restaurant, High Falls, NY
It’s positively covered in fake flowers.

20130804-162200.jpgNew Paltz, NY
It’s always nice to see horses with manners.

I hope this brief sample shows that my neighborhood has a sense of humor to go with its lovely countryside. All of the landscapes that I have posted recently have been taken close to home, which will give you a rough idea of how pretty it is. However, none of them show the iconic views this area is justly famous for (the Gunks, the Catskills, the Mohonk preserve, the Hudson River, etc….) all of which are worth a look. But I must admit that I leave the classic landscapes to those with better equipment and more patience than me.

Empty houses

There are a surprising number of empty houses around here. Some are simply between occupants, but many are starting that slow slide into decay.

Tilson, NY

Montgomery, NY

Walden, NY

Orchards and Empty Houses

Sunday was a rare sunny day, so I went to have another go at orchard photography….yeah well. I am hoping that if I go back just as the trees start to leaf out the image will be there. It wasn’t a complete loss, though I went up and down the road so many times that people must have thought I was lost or casing a house for a future robbery. This is one of the three empty houses I photographed instead of the orchards, nothing much came of the other two.

There are so many empty houses around here in varying states of decay and disuse that I’ve become rather fascinated with them.

This one is just up the road from me and you can still see the nick knacks in the window, but I haven’t seen any signs of habitation for a couple of years.