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It’s snowing…… again…..ugh….I miss my garden.

20140215-133007.jpgYou can barely see the fence now there is so much snow piled up.

20140215-133331.jpgI haven’t seen the lion in ages.

20140215-134051.jpgMaybe it’s just that I miss the intensity of the color and my fish.

20140215-134258.jpgI hope they’re OK down there under all that snow and ice.

I’ve posted some of these before, but I figure everyone enjoys a change of pace now and then.


It’s that time of year when I should be assessing my garden…what plants grew well, which should be moved, what combinations are worth repeating, which should never be, where to plant the tomatoes next year, what seeds to buy, do I need more dafs, more muscari……on and on. But really I’d rather sit in the sun and try and figure out how to photograph fish.

I find I plant more leaves and fewer flowers every year.

20130908-162354.jpgBanana and Passion flower vine, I didn’t get many blooms, but the few I did were wonderfully fragrant in the evenings. My favorite thing about them is their twiney bits.

20130908-162640.jpgTaro,I grew three types this year and they are all beautiful when back lit like this.

20130908-162807.jpgOxalis and co. I have developed a real soft spot for these deep purple/reds with bright greens.

20130908-163355.jpgAster and sweet potato. A different type of purple green combination.
These really are the best weather days, autumn in upstate New York the apples and pumpkins are in the stands and the early trees are just starting to change.