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a few more

more turquoise and a hot beverage, maybe a cold one in disguise….

mermaids 2017-124

more good cheer and a lack of teal

mermaids 2017-110

and finally a few observers with perplexing art work in the background

mermaids 2017-150

More Mermaids….

Kids are always cool….mermaids 2017-128

There was certainly a profusion of teal/aqua/turquoise…….your basic blue-green.

mermaids 2017-099

and then there were the kids waiting…..mermaids 2017-109

they seemed resigned more than amused, maybe it had already been a long day.


I spent some time this fall going through old work. Mostly I was correcting/adding tags and deleting crap, but occasionally I really wondered about my editing choices. Why this one and not that one….

This was my first choice on my initial edit


…..looking back several years on I found this


and this……


now I can’t decide….ugh.