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Winter left overs….

Route 209, somewhere north of Ellenville, NY.
I find myself fascinated with the hotel/motel signage in my area, it’s dated, slightly kitsch and occasionally photogenic.

My garden fountain emerging from its prison of snow. Though I think it looks more like an archeology dig or a crime scene than a garden.

Route 209, Accord, NY.

A return to better weather in the next post…..

Snow scapes….. and Trouble

Finally had a bit of sun the other day, so I had another go at snow photography. My previous attempt on an overcast day was disappointing at best.



This is snow on an overcast day, flat, drab, bland, decidedly not blue, which is the way I prefer my snow. It’s a good thing I was more interested in Trouble than the snow.

If it snows much more this winter I will have to figure out a way to photograph snow on a cloudy.