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No Fish….just chairs

I continue to struggle with fish photography…..stupid and annoying. I would say it’s a steep learning curve, except that I think that implies that at some point I will improve quickly (I think fish photos are always going to be mostly luck, but we’ll see I have a few more theories).

So instead I offer three new chair portraits, actually two chairs and a bench, it’s amazing what you see on the side of the road.

20130912-162936.jpgRoute 208, Gardner, NY.

20130912-163347.jpgRoute 208, Wallkill, NY.

20130912-163453.jpgKingston, NY.

More empty chairs…….well they’re sofas……same idea though…..

I have been remiss in posting of late, not for any particular reason, other than disorganization. Consequently, I have a bunch of new work to post, so expect regular updates for a bit.
I’m starting with something short, two sofa photos that I’m really very fond of.

Rosendale, ‘Free to a Good Home’

9W, ‘Somewhere south of Kingston’
No I didn’t set them up or arrange them, they are as found……no photo shop, just exposure adjustment and some cropping….but, I agree they do look staged.