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I rarely take photos that I like of my horses, in part because they are both 30ish now and showing their age. But I like these…..

Cap pretending he lives in Argentina.

Snake and Cap, this is in early spring and you can see the remains of their winter coats. They seem to take forever to shed out at this age.

Cap strolling and Sara hiding in the shade, she’s 30ish as well.

Havoc in early spring attempting to look mature while soaking up the late day sun.

Trouble on a hot, humid afternoon.

Squeek and Havoc, too hot to move…’s really summer now.

Chairs and Havoc…..and a bit of Trouble

The chair series continues…..

Main st. Rosendale, NY

New Paltz, NY
I keep photographing this house, hoping to get a shot that truly does justice to its color. I’m getting closer, but I’m not there yet.

So, I know Havoc has grown a lot, that is what puppies do, but I thought these two shots really show both his absurdity and his change in size.

Havoc and Mary on one of his first dog park outings.

Havoc trying to convince Jen that he fits in her lap, early this spring.


Snow scapes….. and Trouble

Finally had a bit of sun the other day, so I had another go at snow photography. My previous attempt on an overcast day was disappointing at best.



This is snow on an overcast day, flat, drab, bland, decidedly not blue, which is the way I prefer my snow. It’s a good thing I was more interested in Trouble than the snow.

If it snows much more this winter I will have to figure out a way to photograph snow on a cloudy.

Again and again…..

Yesterday they threatened us with 5 inches of snow and we barely got 2 inches. Today we were promised rain and this is what we got

The snow covered mounds in the lower left are my ancient (30 and 29 years old respectively) thoroughbreds.

I have been using the few bits on sun I get in my house (when it’s not snowing) to work on my pet portraits.

Trouble, I can’t believe he’s almost two.

Havoc, he is just over a year old now.

Squeek, we don’t discuss her age, note the grey eyebrows.

My house gets hardly any direct sun, it’s on the north side of a hill and shaded by mature trees…’s wonderful in the summer…..but you starve for vitamin D in the winter. So it’s interesting to try and use the little bit I do get. I’ll have to see what else I can do with it, besides pet portraits.

Havoc and Trouble

Still house bound, though at this point it’s the fault of my truck not the snow. However the result is the same…..very limited subject matter to photograph, basically I’m stuck with the critters…..

“Come on, it’s fun. Trust me.”

20140216-181135.jpg Bird watching.

20140216-181337.jpg “Hey, play with me.”

20140216-181539.jpg “Fine.”

20140216-181959.jpg I find it interesting how the lighting in this image makes it look like I photo shopped it together (I didn’t). It’s the product of two separate unbalanced lighting sources and a bit too much burning and dodging (done for clarity) making the over all lighting look unnatural/fake. Odd, isn’t it?

20140216-182733.jpg The difficulty with photographing one’s own pets is to get images that are not just snap shots. These are more fun than anything else, but fun is good too.

Snow, more snow and yet again more snow…..

This is what we had after the first snow this year, we skated NYC got slammed.

20140213-233110.jpgMy favorite allee on rt. 32.

The second storm, boredom really starting to set in.

20140213-234049.jpgMy garden.

Really bored.

20140213-234721.jpgMy porch.

This is Trouble in the first half of this storm.

My garden agian, roughly four of the eight inches we got today, at least it’s over 25 degrees.

What I’m waiting for.

20140213-235237.jpgMy favorite allee on rt. 32 in summer.

Even if I’m complaining I will take the snow and cold over the flooding in England or the drought in California.

Maybe more soon…….